Ultraforce was an animated television series that ran for 13 episodes. It was based on the first version of the Ultraforce comic book, and was produced by DiC Entertainment and Bohbot Entertainment. There was also an Ultraforce action figure line produced by Galoob.

Episode listEdit

  1. "Prime Time"
  2. "The Stuff of Heroes"
  3. "Armageddon"
  4. "Lord Pumpkin's Pie"
  5. "You Can't Go Home Again"
  6. "Wrack & Ruin"
  7. "Night and The Nightman"
  8. "Prime Ambition"
  9. "A Veiled Threat"
  10. "Pump It Up!"
  11. "Primal Scream"
  12. "Everything That Rises Must Converge"
  13. "Jumpin' at the Boneyard"

Voice castEdit

Philip Akin Amos Crawley Janet-Laine Green
Rick Bennett Murray Cruchley Katie Griffin
Robert Bockstael Diane D'Aquila Graham Haley
Sally Cahill Catherine Disher Tom Harvey
Patrick Chilvers Shirley Douglas Dan Hennessey
Jessie Collins Michael Fletcher David Hewlett
Alyson Court David Fox Andrew Jackson
Eve Crawford Tamara Gorski Don Francks
David Keeley Susan Roman Bruce Tubbe
Lorne Kennedy Rino Romano Marlow Vella
Shannon Lawson Camilla Scott Johnny White
Kristina Nicoll Chuck Shamata Chris Wiggins
Jeff Max Nicholls Norm Spencer Peter Wildman
Nicole Oliver John Stocker Rod Wilson
Max Piersig Stuart Stone Jaimz Woolvett
Toby Proctor Sunny Besen Thrasher Richard Yearwood


The TV show had a poor reception from critics.